Open Level 

Mon & Wed 6:30pm - 7:45pm   
Thurs  10:00am - 11:15am
Thurs 7:00pm - 8:15pm

All levels welcome. Sequencing is devised to develop strength, flexibility, stamina, concentration, and body alignment. Props, such as blankets, blocks, ropes, and straps are used as needed to facilitate muscular memory, as well as to adapt the body into yoga postures.


Sat & Sun 11:00am - 12:30pm
For the Summer, beginning Saturday July 8, classes will begin at 10:30am

Builds upon the foundational postures to begin an advanced practice, including arm balances, inversions and back bends.

Yoga For Beginners

Tues 7:00pm - 8:15pm


Postures designed for those who are new to Yoga.